About Ejimini

Start a new habit! Creating and maintaining a positive change in your life requires that you raise your standards. Change the belief you have of yourself in the area you wish to change and don't be the only person standing in your way to a healthier you. When a number of beliefs that together form a strategy is repeated often enough it will become a habit. Commit to start and do not wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards reaching your health, wellness and fitness goals.

Ejimini is a Fitness and Wellness Centre and Gym that offers an effective and permanent approach to Health and Lifestyle Management. We offer a comprehensive and personalised health and wellness action plan that requires a more holistic view of the body and the conditions that stimulate weight gain and those that support weight reduction. All of this in promotion of ADOPTING HEALTHY LIFESTYLES. It involves sometimes a minor modification in a person's lifestyle, nutritional plan, sufficient amounts of quality sleep and functional stress management. Some of the imbalances can be resolved quickly but ideally this is long term approach - A LIFESTLYE THAT YOU ADOPT FOR A LIFETIME OF HEALTH AND WELL-BEING...

Ejimini contributes to improving the quality life of every individual we have the privilege to partner with on their wellness journey, not with magic or secret potions but by encouraging and teaching the importance of leading active and healthy lifestyles by physical activity and healthy eating habits.

Complete Wellness has been treated as a stepchild to HealthCare failing to realise its potential and the role it plays in preventative care. Our facility offers a unique combination of a service staff experienced in personal training, fitness consulting, fitness training, corrective exercise; lifestyle coaching and nutrition advice and counselling which is complemented by the services offered by registered Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Psychologists and Image and Body Shaping Consultants. We support preventative care and promote proactive health. Through these collaborations, we have been able to position ourselves as a

Our team is committed to partnering with you on this amazing journey as you discover just how good your body is designed to feel. This means that on every goal you set and aim to achieve we will be there to educate, motivate, support and guide you to ensure that they are all met.